HERCULES Bearings, Expansion Joints and Vibration Isolation Systems have been used in thousands of projects throughout the world since its establishment in Australia in 1972. They are technically mature and have gained a reputation for our quality products and technical expertise.

In Malaysia, Hercules is represented by Hercules Engineering (SEA) Sdn Bhd who first entered the Malaysian market in 1991 as a fully Malaysian market company specializing in STRUCTURAL BEARINGS, EXPANSION JOINTS and other accessories for bridges, buildings, tanks, pipelines, offshore structures, and special projects such as BRIDGE LAUNCHING AND FORMWORK FABRICATION.

Since then, we have successfully supplied our products and providing our technical services to thousands of challenging signature projects including the world’s tallest KL Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysian Singapore Second Crossing, Express Rail Link, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Putrajaya Brides (refer to Project reference).

In response to the recent National Call by the Malaysia Government to adopt modern technology, Hercules Engineering initiated to take the pioneer lead in manufacturing pot-type bearing and expansion joint in Malaysia. This pioneer production also coincides with the National Spirit of “Malaysia Boleh”.