Site Operations & Supervision

HERCULES  is confident and provides Product Warranty for your products & services. In order to provide complete product warranty for the material supplied; site installation & commissioning for all our engineering products & services. We have our own teams of qualified engineers, committed technicians to perform the installation or replacement at sites.

HERCULES involves in overseas projects as well, we could either mobilize our team of experienced engineers, site agents / technicians or to just provide on-site demonstration and supervision of installation works.


Site Survey and Inspection

HERCULES  is in the position to provide site inspection and survey using drone technology

The UAV drones can for example be used for remote site inspections to avoid too many people on the ground.

They can capture data in difficult locations with high quality output and offer the advantage of quick and accurate documentation at low costs and with minimal time consumption and personnel.

UAV drones capture reality through image and vision technology, and enable easy image capturing, because of the ability to fly in 360 degrees, both in horizontal and vertical lines.

We typically use drones for inspection projects, collecting storing documentation, where the accurate documentation can be used for checking damages and the need for maintenance.

    • Monitoring and documentation of construction sites
    • Inspection and measuring in restoration and renovation projects
    • Supervision of easily accessible installations – both inside and outside
    • 2D landscape orthography documentation
    • Geometric surveys and 3D model production
    • Thermal imaging and analysis
    • Remote site inspections can be live streamed to relevant personnel or recorded for later review.