Hercules Spherical Bearing (HSB)

HERCULES Spherical Bearings  are designed to satisfy the guidelines of international design standards such as  BS5400, EN1337 or AASHTO or in accordance with the project specifications.

HERCULES Spherical Bearings  typically consist of concave & convex interfaces which accommodate large rotation with very little resistance to the application of moment. The spherical interface shall consist of stainless steel & high compressive & low friction PTFE or special modified polymers. Spherical bearings can be incorporated with top sliding plates & guides to accommodate horizontal movement in one or all directions. Therefore, the spherical bearings can further be categorized as Fixed, Guided & Free Sliding.  For special application in the event of unavoidable uplift force, Hercules Spherical Bearings can be designed to resist the uplift force with permanent uplift restraints as redundancy design.