Structural Design Supports

HERCULES engineering products can be found in thousands of structures across the world including buildings, bridges, power stations, pipes & offshore structures. Drawing from our global experience, our own team of qualified engineers are in the position to offer appropriate technical consultancy and support services from the development of preliminary design specification through to construction planning and site operation. Early involvement with Hercules specialists will result in tailored design solutions which optimize the project’s economy, efficiency, and construction schedule.

HERCULES also provides construction & mechanical engineering to our customers as follows:

  • Value Engineering Design / Alternative Design / Detailed Design
  • 3D Modelling and Finite Element Analysis (Abaqus, Inventor, ANSYS etc)
  • Shop Drawings (Bar Bending Schedule, Segment Insert, Clash Analysis)
  • Formwork/ Steel Mould Design
  • Precamber Analysis
  • Steel work design, design checking with endorsement by practising Professional Engineers